Monday, January 3, 2011

Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph designs, are one thing that i have been falling in love with. They have creative and innovative designs for kitchenware that you can help but fall in love with, from the colour range to the practicality of the designs. Easy to store and yet everything you would need all in one. 

Index chopping board (matching knives for the specific chopping boards).  
This is very useful when dealing with meat, vegetables, chicken, etc. The labels above the board indicate the use for the board, whether for vegetables, red meat, etc etc. 
Chop to pot. 

Rotary peeler. Amazing 3 in 1 peeler. 
There are 3 different blades, with different cutting options. The little button in the middle of the peeler pops side ways to move the blades chosen to the opening for use. 

Chop and rinse. 

and my favourite the Morph nest. 

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